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Ultimates 2

This new Ultimates series picks up one year after the other left off. Thor has left the team; Pym, now Ant-Man, is on the outs with the team; and Iron Man and Black Widow are in lo

ISBN10 : 0785121382 , ISBN13 : 9780785121381

Page Number : 464

Tomorrow Men

The Ultimates, a government-sponsored team of superheroes, join forces to save the planet from an enigmatic quintet of technologically advanced time travelers that originates from

ISBN10 : 9781416510659 , ISBN13 : 1416510656

Page Number : 323

The Ultimates

You and I have are probably living a very normal life. And we do the same thing day in and out. But have you ever wondered if maybe, just maybe we were meant to be something way wa

ISBN10 : 9781482887631 , ISBN13 : 1482887630

Page Number : 192


Black Panther! Captain Marvel! Ms. America! Spectrum! Blue Marvel! Together, they form the ultimate super team, finding and fixing problems beyond the limits of the infinite! From

ISBN10 : 9781302488673 , ISBN13 : 1302488678

Page Number : 136