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The Guardians

Story of Connor Stratton, an ArcheoHistorian, who is challenged on a talk show to prove an allegation. In searching ancient records, he discovers the existence of a secret society

ISBN10 : 0972214909 , ISBN13 : 9780972214902

Page Number : 575

The Guardians

When twin brother and sister, Laura and Jake Adams, find themselves suddenly moving to Aria, California, their ordinary lives are soon left behind. As they start to establish thems

ISBN10 : 9781503559004 , ISBN13 : 1503559009

Page Number : 168

The Guardians

The Equality Laws were written and passed to ensure equality for all - under the assumption that fairness for all was to be the dawn of a new age for all nations on Earth; rather,

ISBN10 : 9781452024325 , ISBN13 : 1452024324

Page Number : 240

The Guardians

The Tirgonian Empire, always on the hunt for conquest and expansion, does not consider the efforts of the rebel Guardians a serious threat to their imperial plans. After a series o

ISBN10 : 9781458211569 , ISBN13 : 1458211568

Page Number : 300