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Moby Dick

Herman Melville's thrilling nautical adventure—a timeless allegory and an epic saga of heroic determination and conflict. At the heart of Moby-Dick is the powerful, unknowable se

ISBN10 : 9781101637715 , ISBN13 : 1101637714

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Moby Dick

A literary classic that wasn't recognized for its merits until decades after its publication, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick tells the tale of a whaling ship and its crew, who are car


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Moby Dick

Call me Ishmael... and so begins the epic tale of one man's obsession with Moby Dick, the white whale. A strange and compelling book, this is one of American literature's finest an

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Moby Dick

Retells the classic story of the ill-fated voyage of a whaling ship led by the fanatical Captain Ahab in search of the white whale that had crippled him.

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Moby Dick

AHOY! Come with us aboard the Pequod. We search for Moby Dick, the Great White Whale! Along with Captain Ahab, you'll meet danger face to face, hunting the fiercest creature the se

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Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a novel by American writer Herman Melville. The work is an epic sea story of Captain Ahab's voyage in pursuit of Moby Dick, a great white whale. A contemporary commerc

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