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Aliens Survival

Surveyor Victor Thompson was sure he had destroyed the Aliens. But when the vile creatures start sprouting human chestbursters, he gets the distinct feeling that he's hallucinating

ISBN10 : PKEY:23295 , ISBN13 :

Page Number : 68

The 13th Son

Born to a young woman driven to insanity and black magic by the deaths of her previous children, the 13th Son is a creature like nothing this world has seen before. Humans are not

ISBN10 : 1593075510 , ISBN13 : 9781593075514

Page Number : 104


A revised edition of Aliens: Hive to align the story with the Aliens movies and novelizations. A dying man's desperate need for the addictive jelly secreted by the Alien Queen lead

ISBN10 : 1852868384 , ISBN13 : 9781852868383

Page Number : 128